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LeBron & Kyrie Might Be Real Teammates Again?

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NBA All Star Weekend As the NBA Allstar game approaches, one of the biggest narratives this year is that the whole structure of the teams has changed. As we all know by now instead of the regular East vs West format of the game, the NBA has decided to make LeBron and Steph Curry captains who have hand picked their own team. One of the first surprises people noticed is the fact that LeBron picket Kyrie to be on his team. To me, this is a show of strength on the side of LeBron especially since one of the biggest […]

BREAKING: New 2018 Uncle Drew Movie

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TIP: “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing” – Kyrie Irving might be the flashiest finisher and craftiest player the NBA has ever seen. We know him for his amazing ball handling skills and the ability to get any team 2 points or “a bucket” at the drop of a dime. That’s why he was #2 on the Cavs and is currently Roman Numeral II on the Celtics. But, more importantly… We know him for 2016’s THE SHOT!  Well, it seems Mr. Clutch himself is getting his “shot” at the big screen in […]

The Wooden Chronicles Pt.1

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The first difference that I noticed after starting to play basketball at the Legendary John Wooden Center is the Wooden Rules. From what I know of those rules by simply playing in the games is that you play to 13 ALL ONES. That means the 3-point line essentially doesn’t mean more points. I didn’t like it at first simply because it was a change from what I was used to at the YMCA and the games took longer if you were waiting but after maybe the first day I appreciated it. I appreciated it because number one, guys shoot too […]