The Wooden Chronicles Pt.1

by admin

The first difference that I noticed after starting to play basketball at the Legendary John Wooden Center is the Wooden Rules. From what I know of those rules by simply playing in the games is that you play to 13 ALL ONES. That means the 3-point line essentially doesn’t mean more points. I didn’t like it at first simply because it was a change from what I was used to at the YMCA and the games took longer if you were waiting but after maybe the first day I appreciated it. I appreciated it because number one, guys shoot too many threes nowadays anyways primarily due to Steph Curry’s greatness and number two, it brought focus back to the integrity of moving the basketball to get better, closer and higher percentage shots.

I remember before one game when we were setting the rules saying the game’s to 13 all ones (aka Wooden Rules) to one guy on the opposing teams dismay, I said “it levels the playing field”. It was a shorter guy under 6 ft. that said emphatically “No it doesn’t!” To which I clarified, “Okay, it levels the basketball court. It’s all even” in a more literal less metaphorical sense.

This interaction made me think of how having the 3 point line “evens the playing field” in a metaphorical sense, for shorter players. Historically, taller guys can just dunk all day on a ten foot regulation basket leaving shorter guys at a disadvantage to their dominance. So bringing in the 3-point line, shorter guys who work on their jump shot now have an advantage being able to trade 2 points from a dominant big man to 3 point for a dominant shooter.

That’s what the guy who shouted out probably meant. The opposite is true when you take away the three, metaphorically. Shorter guys are back to the supposed disadvantage trading 1 point for 1 point no matter where the shot is taken. However, that’s more true from a one on one standpoint. In team basketball, you overcome a big mans dominance by playing help defense and moving the ball.


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