LeBron & Kyrie Might Be Real Teammates Again?

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NBA All Star Weekend

As the NBA Allstar game approaches, one of the biggest narratives this year is that the whole structure of the teams has changed. As we all know by now instead of the regular East vs West format of the game, the NBA has decided to make LeBron and Steph Curry captains who have hand picked their own team. One of the first surprises people noticed is the fact that LeBron picket Kyrie to be on his team.

To me, this is a show of strength on the side of LeBron especially since one of the biggest stories this past off season was that Kyrie demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. As a Cavaliers fan, it was rough seeing Kyrie go. But as a fan of Kyrie as well, I was happy for him seeking the credit he deserves. I call this move a show of strength because it’s like LeBron is saying, “I don’t care what you think Kyrie, you’re gonna be on my team!” But more realistically, maybe this is a sign of things to come?

Kyrie on Jimmy Kimmel | 2/16/2018

Kyrie recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was asked if he and LeBron would ever play on the same team again. Kyrie replied by saying “Uh, I mean in professional sports anything can happen, so..uh you never know“.

Click the video below to see them talk about him & LeBron as teammates:

He was also asked about a tattoo he has of the “Friends” show logo. He claims that a few of his best friends also have that same tattoo.

Click the video below to see them talk about the tattoo:

LeBron on Road Trippin’ | 2/16/2018

Now, the reason I bring up this tattoo of the “Friends” show is because LeBron also recently made a guest appearance on the “Road Trippin’ Podcast – Richard VS Channing” like he has plenty of times before. I couldn’t help but notice at around the 41 minute mark they’re talking about LeBron’s favorite TV shows. He mentions how he’ll watch The Forensic Files, Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire and “sprinkle in a little Friends, and I’m good that’s all I need.”

Click the video below to hear LeBron talk about his favorite shows:

Listen, LeBron making reference to the fact that he also loves the show “Friends” could be complete coincidence. But hey, that’s no fun! Conspiracy theories are way more fun. And as a Cavaliers fan witnessing the magic that they were able to produce together, it would be a dream come true to get it back one last time before LeBron’s run is over.

I’ll put it like this, if LeBron also has a tattoo of the “Friends” show logo, then they’re absolutely going to make a reunion happen, mark my words!

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