LaVar Ball Planned to Pull Lonzo From Lakers Weeks Ago

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First, before I go into what LaVar recently said about what he plans to do with Lonzo’s future with the Lakers organization, I’d like to address the category of this post. I’ll go in more depth in another post but I call this whole LaVar Ball-led phenomenon “Black Ballstreet”. I call it that because I see parallels between what LaVar Ball is unfolding by starting his own league to compete with the NCAA and successful black businesses in the 1910’s and 1920’s within small towns emerging to compete internationally with the rest of America. More to come on this topic…

Personally, I think it’s important to follow LaVar’s moves and learn from what works and what doesn’t work. I honestly think most of his moves are genius and are working in his favor. I have respect for LaVar primarily because I always say if I don’t make it to the next level of playing professional basketball my son will definitely have the tools to do so. I wouldn’t go about it the exact same way as him being as involved as he was in his son’s high school team because I experienced nepotism in high school basketball.

Lonzo Won’t Resign With The Lakers?

Back to what LaVar said, according to Bleacher Report, he did an interview with a Lithuanian reporter to whom he said “Lonzo Won’t Re-Sign with Lakers Unless LiAngelo, LaMelo Are Signed“. This does not and I repeat does NOT come as a surprise to me. If you follow his “Ball In The Family” reality show on Facebook then you may have noticed a few weeks ago he revealed his plans for not just Melo and Gelo but all three of his boys before they even made the decision to sign with Lithuania.

In “Season 2 Episode 10: The Future of the Ball Boys” the family went to see the Lakers play against the Philadelphia 76ers at which they had box seats. During the game, they were narrowing down the teams for which the boys would go overseas and play. They were down to three teams: Japan, Lithuania and Croatia. Lavar clearly said a few interesting statements. First, he said “Whoever get ’em, going to be a show.” He also said, “Usually teams go out and select guys…We out here about to select teams” which is definitely a stunt. Finally he broke the news… I was pretty shocked when I first heard it. He said, “And then what we’re gonna tell them: If them two playing like that… What do you think if you throw… I mean, ‘Zo in the mix?

Skip to the 9:00 mark to see the scene for yourself.


Excuse my French but ‘dis n***a stuntin’! I mean, how are you at a Lakers game talking about your plans to take their star player away from them in the future? I must say with all puns intended, that takes Balls. It’s no wonder ‘Zo is riding the bench right now. I think the Lakers may have figured out they are being used to build Lonzo’s star power just so it can all be brought to a team LaVar controls so the family can earn the REAL MAXIMUM value. Or maybe they haven’t? I mean if you think about it, if the Lakers are willing to pay Lonzo or any top 5 draft pick $30 Million for 3 years, how much you think they’re really making off them on the back end?

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